Pro V Chop Chop

The ideal tool for quick chopping!

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Product code: ΡΟΒ38
Guarantee: 1 month
Weight: 1,66 kg

Put an end to peeling onions and garlic! Put an end to using a clumsy chopping knife for cutting herbs. Put an end to using electrical kitchen appliances that require a lot of time to set up, clean and put away again!

The Pro V Chop Chop is a piece of kitchen equipment that allows you to chop vegetables, fruit and even chocolate and nuts perfectly in an instant. The slightly curved stainless steel cutter rotates automatically to deliver quick results.

The double-sided stainless steel blade gives smooth cutting and doesn't squash the food.

The practical chopping and storage box will ensure that your kitchen stays clean, because you can chop and cut directly in the box.

The set contains:
- 2 x Pro V Chop Chop
- 4 x storage boxes and 4 lids
- 1 x antibacterial cutting and meat preparation board



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