Ultimate manual juicer

Meet your daily intake of fruits and vegetables in a delicious way.

From 29,99-50%

Product code: ΟΥΛΤΙΤΖ
Weight: 1,18 kg

The Ultimate Juicer is a great habit to add to your daily routine. It provides a healthy, energy boosting way to get the vitamins and minerals your body needs every day.

The Ultimate Juicer is quick and easy! The base secures to your counter top for stability and then you just add your favorite fruit/vegetable and turn the handle.

Fruit/vegetables move down the chute and the corkscrew design instantly separates the peel and fiber from the fruit/vegetables.

Pure, delicious, nutrition packed nectar is left behind. If you don't want the pulp in your juice, the strainer can be used to collect the pulp so you can use it in your baking or even to make baby food.



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