Cuddle Uppets brown bear blanket

CuddleUppets are the kids' new stuffed animals transformed into a blanket and a puppet all in one!

From 24,90-60%

Product code: ΚΑΠΕΤ-ΑΡ
Weight: 510 gr
Length: 100 cm
Width: 70 cm

A unique toy your child will play with day and night… A CuddleUppet is actually a soft blanket and a cute, adorable puppet.
For kids who are nervous for their first sleepover, a CuddleUppet is a great alternative to a regular blanket.
When they're done playing, they can nap cozily underneath the soft blanket. They'll make your child feel safe.
You can make them talk, dance, or wiggle around as a puppet. Whether it's playtime of bedtime, CuddleUppets is the perfect toy for boys and girls! Each character is as lovable as the next and your kids will love their new huggable and cuddly CuddleUppets!



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