Sofa Cover for 3seat 190x290 cm. cr/esp

Reversible water resistant sofa cover.

From 49,90-30%

Product code: ΣΟΦΑΚ-3
Weight: 1,24 kg
Length: 290 cm
Width: 190 cm

Sofa Cover protects your sofa from daily use and stains. It is a cover for your sofa that is water resistant!

In addition to that the Sofa Cover is reversible, one size is in brown colour and the other one in beige. It is up to you to chose which colour you prefer for your sofas!

Your family and your pets can use the sofas daily without you worrying that they may damage or stain the sofas!

The Sofa Cover is available in 3 differenet sizes, for 3 seat sofa, 2 seat sofa and chair!

Machine washable as well.

Dimensions chair size : 190x290 cm.



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