Total Painter

Total painter paint system.

From 89,95-33%

Product code: ΤΟΤΠΕΙΝΤ
Guarantee: 24 months
Weight: 2,44 kg
Power: 900 watt

Spray system for paint, stains and waterproofing materials.
Very powerful: 900W
Precise adjustment of the amount of paint (save on paint).
Adjust the spray for precision paint application (uniform coat).

3 different spray patterns:
- vertical fan
- horizontal fan
- round stream

Work at any angle, fast, lightweight and easy to clean.
Spray gun comes apart for quick paint changes.
Sprayable materials: paint, lacquer and varnish.
Application surfacesQ brick, cement, stucco, wood, glass, rough, curved and smooth surfaces.
Fences, indoor and outdoor furniture, indoor and outdoor walls.

Cable length 2,40 m.



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