Quick-Bit 6 in 1 screwdriver

Gorilla Quick-Bit screwdriver. No more losing or dropping bits!


Product code: ΚΟΥΙΚΜΠΙΤ
Weight: 200 gr

Gorilla Quick-Bit is a smart screwdriver specially designed to make the impossible task of changing bits easier. Gorilla Quick-Bit is an all-in-one set that allows you to store 6 common bits and change them in one simple twist without the risk of dropping or losing them. Gorilla Quick-Bit makes this a problem of the past!

Rotating chamber. Holds and exchanges all the screwdriver bits.

- 6-in-1 Multi screwdriver
- All bits neatly secured in a rotating barrel
- Magnetic tip that prevents the bit from falling out
- Square handle gives you a better grip for turning



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