Starlyf Multi Tool 18 tools in 1

A versatile multi tool with the 18 most essential tools in the palm of your hand.


Product code: ΜΤΟΥΛ
Weight: 480 gr
Length: 18 cm
Width: 3 cm
Height: 21 cm

With the Starlyf Multi Tool you have a versatile gadget with the 18 most essential tools for all kinds of work, both indoors and outdoors. It includes:
1. Hammer
2. Nail puller
3. Long-nose pliers
4. Pliers
5. Wire cutter
6. Knife
7. Wood saw
8. Phillips-head screwdriver
9. Bottle opener
10. Flat head screwdriver
11. Slotted screwdriver
12-15. French wrench (6, 7, 8 and 10mm)
16. Thick-cut saw
17. Nail file
18. V-shaped cable stripper

With one tool you perform countless tasks. You can skew, unscrew, cut, remove nails, saw wood, file, open boxes, repair appliances, open bottles, cut ropes, the possibilities are unlimited!

The Starlyf Multi Tool is a real toolbox in the palm of your hand.



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