Total Restoration set

Bond, renew, repair, restore and protect almost everything with 8 pens.

From 19,99-25%

Product code: ΤΟΤΑΛΡΕΣ
Weight: 230 gr

8 piece set includes:
- (1) Total Restoration Epoxy: Fixes, fills and seals holes in seconds. Bonds almost any surface (up to 130 kg). Ceramics, metals, glass, PVC, tile, concrete, aluminum, leather, wood. Can be tinted with earth pigments, cemented for color matching and can be drilled.
- (1) Restore A Scratch (for cars): The Invisi-Clear UV Activated Repair formula works instantly to help repair light scratches on cars, motorbikes, SUVs and more on any color.
- (3) Restore A Scratch (for furniture): Dimishes the look of light scratches and nicks on wood. Three wood color tones can be mixed to offer an option of shades that can match nearly all colors of wood. Ideal for Home or Office furniture, tables, chairs, bed, frames etc.
- (1) Restore a Grout: Renew and restore grout instantly. Use the bathroom, kitchen, patio and more,
- (1) Restoring Tape: A super strong silicone wraps that bonds and creates air tight seals on almost anything. Great for extension cords, electric wires, plugs, lawn hoses, tool grips, sports, bike grips and more.



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