Helycrisum body lotion

Soothing body lotion with Strawflower and Chamomile.

From 13,99-60%

Product code: 103349
Weight: 220 gr

It compensates the effects of prolonged exposure to the sun and reduces any redness. Ideal also for delicate skins, it restores the skin with the correct level of moisture and helps to maintain a lasting tan. It contains Sweet Almond Oil, which is highly softening and elasticising and Helychrysum extract which has a soothing action. The formula is completed by traditional botanical by-products: Chamomile, which has soothing, softening, protective, and anti-reddening effects , for delicate and easily irritable skins, and Rhatany perfect for making the skin smooth and to keep it looking young, it also has a purifying and anti-reddening action . With the luscious perfume of Coconut, that prolongs the flavour of summer.



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