Vibrating massage ball Noknot InnovaGoods

Vibrating massage for self- massage with little effort.


Product code: V0103133
Weight: 230 gr
Length: 8 cm
Width: 8 cm
Power supply: Batteries
Battery type: 3xAAA
Power: 1000 watt

An original vibrating massage ball designed to facilitate a deeper and easier self-massage, with barely any effort. Its textured surface helps stimulate trigger points. With its small compact size, it's also very easy to use and carry anywhere. Ideal for recovery after doing sports. It can be used with or without vibration and with floor or wall support.

Type: Textured
2 intensity levels

Beneficial effects:
trigger points stimuation
deep localized massage
Comfortable, simple and safe use
Easy to transport and store
Easy to clean
Battery operated (3 x AAA, not included)
Material: ABS, silicone
Diameter 8 cm



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