Clyro complex

Your anti-flaw solution that cleans, purifies and cares for your skin.

From 49-66%

Product code: ΚΛΑΙΡΟ
Weight: 140 gr

Get attractive, healthy, clean, fresh, moisturized skin in just three steps! The Clyro micro-crystal complex penetrates the skin completely, eliminating problems from the root. It not only eliminates skin impurities, but also clarifies the skin and keeps it healthy. Plus, it has no side effects such as skin aging, dryness or irritation.

The set includes:

1) Gentle exfoliating cleanser
- Eliminates dead cells and purifies the skin with its peeling effect

2) Purifying Toner
- After exfoliation, this tonic refreshes, calms and softens the skin.

3) Repairing Gel
- Treatment that regenerates the skin and prevents future flaws.

You anti-flaw solution, you will love!



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