Dry skin toner 150ml

Nutri-gel facial toner, with Japanese Cherry extract.

From 7,99-60%

Product code: 101962
Weight: 180 gr

Dry Skin is a specific line for the face, created to combat skin dryness, guaranteeing a deep and long-lasting moisturizing effect. The active principles contained in the substances used to formulate the product help reinforce the skin, regenerating it and protecting it from the detrimental effects of external and internal agents (smog, smoke, cold, etc.). A complete range of specific treatments, whose properties also include an efficient anti-wrinkle effect, in order to care for the skin both by day and by night, leaving it soft and glowing.

This alcohol-free formulation respects skin balance by means of its delicacy and efficacy, and it has a texture that caresses the skin with the gentle action of a soft gel. This tonic is a truly specific treatment for dry skins, to be used morning and evening: it leaves the skin smooth, soft to touch, silky and moisturized. As well as containing active ingredients that increase skin texture, tone and moisturization, it is enriched with Japanese Cherry extract, with moisturizing and regenerating properties.



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