Pure Skin gel 15 ml

Corrective gel for impurities.

From 14,99-60%

Product code: 109487
Weight: 150 gr

This S.O.S. product fights skin blemishes by forming a thin and invisible film that dries out and eliminates impurities over time. The effectiveness of this innovative formula derives from the cleansing and exfoliating properties of Willow extract. The formula is also enriched with astringent myrrh extracts and echinacea, which offers a considerable soothing and anti-reddening effect. Testing has shown the product to help reduce the cutaneous blemishes associated with acne.

Pelle Pura is a line specifically designed to ensure freshness and beauty and to stabilize skin with impurities and blemishes at any age. These problems are often worse in youth but can also be provoked by other factors such as smoking, unhealthy eating habits and poor quality beauty products. The line is distinguished by special cleansing and astringent products that reduce the excessive production of sebum, which is responsible for the shiny appearance, typical of problem skin.

Direction for use: apply directly to the blemish as soon as it appears. Repeat application until the disappearance of the blemish.



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