Xpert Wrinkles

Neck lifting and remodeling.

From 24,50-60%

Product code: ΕΞΡΙΝΚ
Guarantee: 1 month
Weight: 110 gr

Rides Xpert cream is ideal for combating neck and neckline wrinkles.

Your neck is a mobile area and its skin is always being stretched. Because it is thin and fragile, it tends to wrinkle and slacken earlier than the skin of your face.

Clinical studies over a period of 4 weeks have shown that by using Rides Xpert cream, subjects have improved skin firmness on the face (19%) and at the neck (39%), elasticity on the face (17%) and at the neck (27%), while it reduces small wrinkles by 58%.

Formulated with argan oil and shea butter.

Package of 50 ml.



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