No No Skin

Professional Acne Clearance System.

From 199-70%

Product code: ΝΟΝΟ-Σ
Guarantee: 24 months
Weight: 300 gr
Power supply: Power 220V

Does that pimple always pop out at the wrong time?
Try NO NO SKIN – Emergency pimple care you can take ANYWHERE!

If you’re one of the millions who suffer from mild to moderate acne – no!no! has what you need to help keep it under control – NO NO SKIN. It’s the only acne treatment device that puts the power and precision of professional acne phototherapy safely under your control.

So say good-bye to those costly lotions and potions. NO NO SKIN treats acne anywhere it pops up. And we mean ANYWHERE, including embarrassing backne, chestne and buttne.
• no chemicals, no creams and no medications
• 81% clearance in less than 24 hours
• Pain-free and fast treatments

FDA cleared, CE 0344 certified and doctor recommended, NO NO SKIN uses professional LHE technology, the same technology used by physicians and dermatologists around the world, to keep skin looking clear and feeling fresh. And it's so EASY.



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