Secret Extensions

Instant hair extensions.

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From 49,90-60%

Product code: ΣΕΧΤΕ-ΚΞProduct code: ΣΕΧΤΕ-ΑΚProduct code: ΣΕΧΤΕ-ΜΚProduct code: ΣΕΧΤΕ-Μ
Weight: 60 gr

The majority of women would wish for longer hair instantly.

Usually though, extensions are a time consuming and expensive procedure. With Secret extensions you can have longer hair within a minute.

The secret is its completely invisible headband that disappears, stays in place and blends perfectly with your hair.

You simply lift you hair, slip the headband over your head with the extension in the back and pull the sides of your hair out front of the hair band to blend with your extension.

You can also use styling tools to give them the look you wish. Curly or straight.

No one will know, but everyone will notice.



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