Whirl a Style set

A unique hair-styling product for the modern woman!

From 29,99-64%

Product code: ΓΟΥΙΡΛ
Weight: 80 gr

Whirl-a-Style is a hairdressing tool that addresses the versatile needs of women with active lifestyles. These are useful and easy hair-styling tools, that allow the hair to be pulled back in a twist or bun, without the use of bobby pins or claw clips.

All Whirl-a-Style hair stylist tools have a special slit through the center of the product where the hair is pulled, then rolled and styled as desired. Their simple, unique design does not pull hair or add weight to the head, both of which have been known to cause discomfort and headaches.

Whirl-a-Style tools are made from a synthetic material which grips the hair without tangling it and do not damage hair.

The set includes 1 big, 1 medium, 1 small, 1 small band with a daisy, DVD with useful tricks, illustrated guide, as well as a carrying bag.



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