Touch Back coverage for roots

A revolution in hair care and the most practical solution for grey hair.

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Product code: ΤΜΠΑΚ-ΞProduct code: ΤΜΠΑΚ-ΣΚΑProduct code: ΤΜΠΑΚ-ΜΑ
Weight: 40 gr

Touchback eliminates the need for hair dye and frequent visits to the salon, both of which can be time consuming and expensive.

Simply take its innovative smooth flow applicator and apply directly to the affected area, using Touchback's special comb to expose the grey hair.

Touchback uses its patented fibre flow system to bond hair colour to your grey hairs, breathing life back into them.

Affordable, efficient and mess free.

- gentle on hair
- no harsh chemicals used liked ammonia
- does not flake or rub off, even after brushing
- simply shampoos out
- will last you up to 60 applications.



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