Anti-dandruff lotion 150ml

Eliminate dandruff and soothe your scalp.

From 12,90-62%

Product code: ΑΝΤΙΠΥΤ-Λ
Weight: 320 gr

Stop pellicules lotion:
- limits the proliferation of the germs that cause dandruff
- treats oily scalps by limiting the production of sebum
- soothes and returns the scalp to its normal state
- stops hair loss

Lipacid and capigen are active ingredients that will make your dandruff disappear quickly and slow down hair loss.
Dandruff is flaky skin.

The scalp- like all skin- is renewed by eliminating the superficial cells from the epidermis. Dandruff can be dry or greasy.

The condition may be caused by the hormonal system, inflammation of the scalp or an unsuitable shampoo.



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