Firming cream for the arms

Firm, sculpted, toned arms.

From 19-69%

Product code: ΜΡΑΤ
Weight: 50 gr

Created for toning and resculpting arms, this treatment boosts the skin penetration of highly active ingredients. Drained and rid of toxins, skin is left toned, supple and firm. It also has a smoother and softer texture. As a result, you'll have firm, toned arms you won't need to hide under long sleeves.

This firming arm cream contains 2 active ingredients:
- Caffeine, which burns cellular fat, and
- Carnitine, which stimulates the degradation of stored fatty acids.

Clinical tests carried out on women for a period of 1 month showed:
- 19.7% increased firmness
- 27% improved skin elasticity
- 43.7% immediate toning effect



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