Pedimaxx foot care set

Foot care set.

From 24,90-60%

Product code: ΠΜΑΞ4404
Guarantee: 6 months
Weight: 320 gr
Power supply: Batteries
Battery type: 4ΧΑΑ

Your feet carry round all through your life and that means you should treat them with special care.
There is no better way to do so than with the top-quality, battery-operated pedimaxx foot Care set.

Anything which might cause discomfort when you are walking is removed carefully and gently, leaving your feet looking gorgeous.

The ergonomic design of the pedimaxx device means that it fits perfectly, calluses and rough patches of skin easily, quickly and without exertion.
Then you can give your feet the perfect finish with the fine attachment.

Once you have finished using it, the pedimaxx is really easy to clean, because the skin particles are collected inside the device while you are using it and are easy to empty.

Give your feet some professional style care with the pedimaxx Foot Care set and leave them looking and feeling wonderfully soft, smooth and well cared for.

- effortlessly removes dry skin and calluses
- 2 different speed-settings
- Simple and safe to use and easy to clean
- 2 attachments for smooth, beautiful skin
- Set includes: 1 x pedimaxx, 1 x grinding attachment, 1 x polishing attachment, 1 x protective sleeve, 6 x polishing pads, 1 x small cleaning brush



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