Pediwow callus remover set

Pediwow - Smooth from toe to heel!

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Product code: ΠΕΝΤΙ1278
Guarantee: 1 month
Weight: 180 gr

PediWow is a professional grade, do-it-yourself tool designed to quickly, safely and easily remove calluses, dead skin and corns in any area and at the same time, while being safe and gentle. It works well on your feet, toes, hands and fingers too!

PediWow even works great on both dry and wet skin.

PediWow easily scrapes away the calluses, dry skin and corns, and once they are removed, the exfoliating tip will safely slide over the newly exposed soft and healthy skin.

The set includes:
One PediWow callus remover with 2 precision tips
- 1 dual-sided nail buffer
- 1 fine crystal nail file
- 1 clear attachment carrying case
4 PediWow attachments including:
- 1 nail cleaner
- 1 cuticle pusher
- 1 ingrown nail file
- 1 curved side nail cleaner
- 1 cosmetic bag



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