Rio Pop acrylic nails

Perfect nails made easy!

From 69-57%

Product code: ΡΟΡ-ΑΚ
Weight: 730 gr

Pop Acrylic Nails make professional results even quicker and easier to achieve.

With the Pop Acrylics Nail method you can now achieve stronger, great looking nails easily.

Simply add the acrylic to the re-usable form and press on to the nail. Squeezing the form pops it off to reveal the perfect acrylic overlay. The flawless top finish requires no surface filing or buffing.

Now you can have beautiful nails everyday.

The set includes:
- 100 Nail Extension Tips
- 40 Re-usable Nail Forms and 18 other essential tools
- Step-by-Step Instructions and DVD



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