Forever Back Pain Relief System

A safe and effective solution for back pains.

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Product code: ΒΑΚΡΙ
Guarantee: 6 months
Weight: 500 gr
Power supply: Batteries
Battery type: 1 x 9V

Forever Back stimulator sends a comfortable electrical stimulation through pads on your skin into the nerves of your lower back.

The stimulation blocks pain signals, so that you feel less pain or no pain at all.

You wrap the belt and pads around your waist just as you would a back support and the stimulator clips to your belt or slips into your pocket.

You control the intensity and frequency of the stimulation.

Wear in comfort even when golfing, gardening, shopping, driving etc.

The secret to Forever Back's effectiveness is TNS - Trans Nerve Stimulation. Forever Back goes to work at the site of the pain, by sending soothing, comfortable pulsations right to the pain nerve, suppressing pain, to help you get better fast. And Forever Back goes one step further: by combining TNS with a lumbar support belt, Forever Back helps keep your back in the correct position for added comfort and support.

Your Forever Back Pain Relief Kit includes:
- Forever Back Pain Relief Belt
- Dual channel stimulator
- 2 connector cables
- 4 self-adhesive pads
- Operation manual

FDA certified.



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