Gymform Copper Line ankle sleeve

Comfortable constant support and fast relief.

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Product code: ΚΟΠΕΡΑΣ-Μ
Weight: 40 gr

You push yourself to the max to get stronger, be fitter, go faster, and last longer. And you pay the price for all that exertion, with sore elbows, aching knees, painful ankles and stiff, swollen joints. It's time to tackle the pain now!

With Gymform Copper Line! The comfortable, lightweight, Copper compression sleeve that provides continuous support and pressure, to help reduce painful swelling, for faster recovery.

The Gymform Copper Line support sleeve's unique, advanced compression fabric, is bonded with copper, a natural element, to provide guaranteed support and to help the body recover faster from exertion and muscle and joint soreness.

Regular compression sleeves are thick and bulky.
They don't fit properly and they fail to provide adequate support. But the lightweight, flexible Copper Line sleeve, snugly contours to your body to maintain constant, comfortable, non-slip, compression, while it stimulates aching joints and muscles, and helps speed recovery.

Besides, Copper Line Sleeve allows air to flow through the fabric while it lets moisture escape to prevent chafing, making it comfortable enough to be worn all day.

Enhances circulation
Fast relief and recovery
3 types available: knee, elbow, ankle to combine as you wish.
Copper-bonded fabric



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