Handle with suction cups Handy Grasp

Handle with suction for the bathtub, bedroom, staircase etc.


Product code: ΧΑΝΤΙΓΚΡΑΣΠ
Weight: 430 gr

This revolutionary handle can quickly and easily be attached on any smooth or flat surface, tile, metal or glass. Just place it, lock it and grasp. It is amazingly solid, while no screws or tools are required.

It's easy to attach and remove. To remove, fold down the safety levers and lift the suction cups.

Attach it where you need it: bathtub, shower, next to your bed or chair. It is ideal as a safety grip to assist on slippery floors, near stairs or points that require stability and balance. Thanks to its powerful suction cups, the handle can be adjusted on any smooth, flat surface to give you a firm grip to stabilize or move objects.

Dimensions: 30.5 x8.5 x 10.5 cm



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