Bacticide 1lt

Antiseptic and antibacterial hand gel.

From 24,90-56%

Product code: ΒΑΚΤΙ
Weight: 1 kg

Influenza A (H1N1) does not have borders: it concerns each of us, in our professional life as in our personal life because the contaminating risks are the same.

The Bacticide hydro-alcoholic antibacterial and virucide gel is ideal for home or office use.

- Auto-drying for quick antisepsis of hands,
- Action virucide H1N1 necessary for the battle against influenza A,
- Some drops are enough (3 ml),
- Conforms to norm NF IN 1500: ' Antiseptic of hands in hospitals ',
- Ideal for a frequent usage,
- Bottle of 1000 ml
- Neutral pH.



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