Glasello sanitizing stick 5 ml 2 pcs

Compact stick for disinfecting drinking glasses, beverage cans and dining utensils. Set of 2, in green and red.

From 11,90-50%

Product code: ΓΚΛΑΣ1570
Weight: 50 gr

Disinfect glasses, drink cans and eating utensils!
Unclean crockery can be a potential source of infection while eating and drinking in restaurants and cafes, in clubs or while travelling.
The Glasello disinfectant stick with its purely vegetable ingredients can help protect you - always and everywhere! Disinfect quickly and easily drinking glasses, drink cans and cutlery, by sliding along with the stick. Anti-contamination is effective after 20 seconds and you can enjoy food and drinks without hesitation.

- Suitable for all alcohol resistant surfaces
- Easy to use thanks to 3600 rotating head
- Flavor neutral
- Approximately 60 applications per stick
- Active ingredient: 70% vegetable alcohol (ethanol)
- Handy pocket size - ideal for travelling



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