Protective mask single use 20 pcs.

Disposable protective respirator mask pack of 20 units.


Product code: S2500626-20
Weight: 20 gr

A perfect disposable mask for protecting the respiratory tract from atmospheric contamination, dirt, dust, seasonal allergies, smoke, vehicle and other fumes, ash and particles which are dangerous to health. It provides a high level of respiratory protection as it filters the majority of air particles.

- Material: TNT (Non Woven)
- Weight: 100 GSM
- Thickness: 3 levels, 50+25+25 GSM
- Type: Disposable
- Colour: White
- One size
- Ergonomic: Adapts perfectly to face shape
- Nose and mouth cover
- First level protection and safety: anti-PM2.5 (+90 %)
- Comfortable, simple and safe use
- For effective protection, its correct placement is of vital importance
- Dimensions: 13,8 x 9 cm
- Complies with European quality standards:
89/686/EEC Personal Protective Equipment Directive (PPE)
EN 149:2001+A1:2009
CE mark



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