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Audiobook Ameland - H. Neira ISBN 9783981209044 13.9 EUR
Audiobook Ameland - H. Neira ISBN 9783981209044

Audiobook Ameland - H. Neira ISBN 9783981209044


Hernan Neira's Ameland, in Audio Book format.



Pathos Publishing GmbH, established in November 2007 in Hamburg - Germany, is a Greek owned company, specialized in production and publication of dramatized Audio Books for Greek audiences worldwide.

Pathos Audiobooks are principally performed by a full cast of recognized Greek actors and voice talents, enhanced with cutting-edge sound effects and original scores created from gifted musicians.

Our team of writers, producers, engineers, narrators and other voice talents has a true passion for storytelling, the way it should be told. Our objective is to create audio products, services and solutions that seek the true identity of each Work and connect with audiences in a real and impactful way. Moreover, the company's business scope extends to offer a pool of professional actors & narrators for voice-overs in documentaries, games and audio-guides.

Today, the company continues to earn its reputation for the best Audio Books available in Greek language, the highest production standards, and the best value for consumers.

Hernan Neira's "Ameland"

A remorseless piece of terra firma in the middle of the ocean becomes the scene where the confrontation of love repeatedly plays with oblivion. The unsound island, rotten from gulls' droppings on the sand, turns out to be the castaways' shelter.

It is not the merciless place, but their own choices, that keep them hanging onto the gloomiest instincts and prohibit each expression of human drive. One and alone dilemma: to settle or attempt to leave from Ameland; is enough for mental struggles to burst out upon them. And then, while the tide swallows the corpses, the memory of the dead is disputed. The girl, a father and lighthouse man who was pushed or fell, the young man's arrival.

It's the flashes of the lighthouse that maintain any lucidity and make possible the unfolding of the story. A dark narration in the fringes of madness. A chronicle of love, fight and fear. And finally, the awareness that Ameland is the lethargic cell that we build around us, the personal prison of each one of us. On the waterless island, unresponsively enslaved in a labyrinth of corals and reefs, the soul bewilders. Is there any hope to escape?

With the voices of: Michael Markatis, Serafita Grigoriadis, Giannis Tsikis, Nikos Sideris and Zoe Katsatou.

Music score: Nikos Xenakis
Sound design: Hyoogen

Title: "Ameland"
Author: Hern?n Neira
Publisher: Pathos Publishing
Language: Greek
ISBN: 978-3-9812090-4-4
Catalog Nr: PP002CD
Available as: 3x AUDIO CDs
Total running time: 3hrs 8min

Weight 10 gr

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