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Audiobook Grandpa the liar - A. Zei 13.9 Brand new Euro
Audiobook Grandpa the liar - A. Zei

Audiobook Grandpa the liar - A. Zei


Alki Zei's Grandpa The Liar, in Audio Book format.



Pathos Publishing GmbH, established in November 2007 in Hamburg - Germany, is a Greek owned company, specialized in production and publication of dramatized Audio Books for Greek audiences worldwide.

Pathos Audiobooks are principally performed by a full cast of recognized Greek actors and voice talents, enhanced with cutting-edge sound effects and original scores created from gifted musicians.

Our team of writers, producers, engineers, narrators and other voice talents has a true passion for storytelling, the way it should be told. Our objective is to create audio products, services and solutions that seek the true identity of each Work and connect with audiences in a real and impactful way. Moreover, the company's business scope extends to offer a pool of professional actors & narrators for voice-overs in documentaries, games and audio-guides.

Today, the company continues to earn its reputation for the best Audio Books available in Greek language, the highest production standards, and the best value for consumers.

Alki Zei's "Grandpa the liar"

An extraordinary grandfather and a ten-year-old grandson, Antonis. The grandfather, a retired actor around his eighties, plethoric with emotions, knowledge, experiences -and particular habits-, excites Antonis's fantasy with storytelling from his life. Stories which appear to be so excessive and incredible that Antonis always wonders: "truth or lies?" A tender grandfather - grandson relation, where the effort of the boy to understand his grandfather and make him feel proud of him is brought up through the facts.

With the voices of: Noni Ioannidou, Jannis Tsikis, Dimostehnis Halkiopoulos, Michalis Markatis, Vera Lardi, Niki Ioannidou, Natalia Kappa, Apostolis Ikonomou, Zoe Katsatou, Makis Skotidis, Nikos Polymerou, Jannis Kampouropoulos, Sofia Voloudaki, Sofia Anastasiadou, Eleni Tsagaraki, Petros Damoulis, Takis Pagonis, Stavros Mouratidis, Stella Vait, Niki Kostiani und Anna Mertzani.

Music score: Christos Xenakis
Sound Design: Takis Pagonis

Title: "Grandpa the liar"
Author: Alki Zei
Publisher: Pathos Publishing
Language: Greek
ISBN: 978-3-9812090-5-1
Catalog Nr: PP005CD
Available as: 3x AUDIO CDs
Total running time: 3hrs 2min

Weight 70 gr

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