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Audiobook The diary of a sensitive killer-L.Sepulv ISBN 9783981209075 9.9 EUR
Audiobook The diary of a sensitive killer-L.Sepulv ISBN 9783981209075

Audiobook The diary of a sensitive killer-L.Sepulv ISBN 9783981209075


Luis Sepulveda's The Diary Of A Sentimental Killer, in Audio Book format.



Pathos Publishing GmbH, established in November 2007 in Hamburg - Germany, is a Greek owned company, specialized in production and publication of dramatized Audio Books for Greek audiences worldwide.

Pathos Audiobooks are principally performed by a full cast of recognized Greek actors and voice talents, enhanced with cutting-edge sound effects and original scores created from gifted musicians.

Our team of writers, producers, engineers, narrators and other voice talents has a true passion for storytelling, the way it should be told. Our objective is to create audio products, services and solutions that seek the true identity of each Work and connect with audiences in a real and impactful way. Moreover, the company's business scope extends to offer a pool of professional actors & narrators for voice-overs in documentaries, games and audio-guides.

Today, the company continues to earn its reputation for the best Audio Books available in Greek language, the highest production standards, and the best value for consumers.

Luis Sepulveda's "The diary of a sentimental killer"

On arrival at his hotel in Madrid a contract killer receives an envelope with a photograph of his next victim. His thoughts however are with somebody else? He waits for his girlfriend to return from a vacation in Mexico, which he actually offered her as a present in order to execute his work undisturbed. Opposing to the basic rule of professional killers, to "live alone and restrict contacts to the absolute minimum", he's been close to her for almost three years. Instead of her returning though he receives a letter. She met a man in Mexico and wants to stay with him. So much the better he thinks, and tries to remain calm for his new mission. Calm is only for a short time though, his mind can't let go of this girl.

When he encounters his victim in Istanbul, he has another blunder. He wants to know more about his target and constantly troubles himself (and his alter ego) with the question of why should he kill the man at all. That is when he decides for a search of his hotel room, where he comes across a guard who turns out to be a DEA agent, an employee of the US antidrug squad. He immediately tries to flee by disappearing in a bazaar, where he's found and threatened by two men who shortly afterwards get shot by a stranger. The stranger is, as chance would have it, the alleged victim of the killer, to which he now owes his life... Dramatized Audio Noir at its best.

With the voices of: Nikos Sideris, Michael Markatis, Claire Maniati, John Kampouropoulos, Vera Lardi, Michael Dimitriou, Gregory Pimenidis, Martin Andre, Yiannis Christodoulatos, Nikos Polymerou, Stavros Mouratidis, Tolis Ikonomou, Vangelis Melis, Korinna Papachristou, Angela Christofilou, Dimitris Silvestros, Nikos Kapsalis, Makis Skotidis and Stefan Paradellis.

Music score: Tasos Makrygiannis.
Sound design: Takis Pagonis, Hyoogen.

Title: "The diary of a sentimental killer"
Author: Luis Sepulveda
Publisher: Pathos Publishing
Language: Greek
ISBN: 978-3-9812090-7-5
Catalog Nr: PP003CD
Available as: 1x AUDIO CD
Total running time: 3hrs 8min

Weight 70 gr

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