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Swim Eezy swimming vest blue 9.9 Brand new Euro
Swim Eezy swimming vest blue
Swim Eezy swimming vest blue

Swim Eezy swimming vest blue

SKU: ΜΓ1003-ΓΑ

Swimsuit designed for children aged 5-7, with flotation device.



SwimEezy is a new swimming aid designed for children aged 2 year and upward. It is available in fashionable styles for children.

Use SwimEezy to ensure your child?s safety when around the swimming pool or at the seaside. The special flotation does not need to be inflated and is comfortable to wear. SwimEezy?s unique design allows your children to develop the natural arm and head movements necessary in learning to swim correctly, and will improve your child's confidence in water.

Guarantee 1 months
Weight 510 gr

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