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You can search for a product with keywords that you enter in the search text field. These keywords could be:

The product code or part of it, in Greek with either uppercase or lowercase letters.
For example: ΑΡΤ200, ΑΡΤ, αρτ2 etc.

The product name, or part of it, in Greek or English, with either uppercase or lowercase letters.
For example: BREA, bread MASTER etc.

The product category, or part of it, in Greek or English, with either uppercase or lowercase letters.
For example: electrical appliances, APPLIANCE etc.

Other keywords in Greek or English, with either uppercase or lowercase letters.
For example: bread, HOME MADE etc.

You can search either in Greek or in English but not a combination of both. In order for the search to return results, you must use a minimum of three characters.

For further help in finding a product please contact customer service in the Contact Us section.

You don't have to be a registered user in order to place an order through the e-shop.

During checkout, you will be asked to log in, register or select guest checkout.

If you create an account this will give you access to extra functions in the e-shop, such as favorites and order history.

The shipping cost depends on the weight of your purchase, the payment method, the shipment method and the country of destination.

The exact handling and shipping charge is calculated automatically in your cart and you will have the chance to review your order settings before submitting it.

For orders being shipped within Greece you can choose between three payment methods - cash on delivery, credit or debit card or PayPal.

If you choose cash on delivery, you will need to pay the entire amount to the courier delivering the goods to your home before you can receive your package.

In all three cases, you are entitled to a refund if you decide to return the product. For cash-on delivery, refunds are offered through bank deposits, for orders paid through credit card or PayPal, your credit card or PayPal account will be debited immediately.

For orders being shipped outside Greece, the only available method of shipment is courier and the acceptable methods of payment are credit or debit card or PayPal.

If you are a registered user, please log in with your email and password and go to Order history. There, you will find the history of all of your orders, and can track their progress.

If you used guest checkout, please go to Order tracking and enter the email you used while ordering and your order number, which you have received by email.  This service can be used by registered users as well.

The order statuses are the following:

Order placed: Your order has been placed and awaits processing
Being processed: Your order is being processed
Packing: Your order is ready for invoicing
Ready for pickup: Your order is ready to be picked at the store
Order shipped: Your order has been dispatched
Order picked up: Your order has been picked up from the store
Order partially shipped: Part of your order has been dispatched, due to temporary lack of a product. The rest of your order will be automatically dispatched, as soon as it becomes available, changing your order status to "Order shipped".
Order partially picked up: Part of your order was not available during pickup, due to temporary lack of a product. You will be notified for the pickup of the remaining items, as soon as they become available.
Pickup overdue: The 10-day time limit for picking up your order from the store has expired. Please contact the store to specify the new pickup date.
Order cancelled: The order was cancelled following your instructions
Cancelled by customer: The order was cancelled online by you

In order to cancel an order which was given via any medium (telephone, internet etc.) you can contact us on the customer service telephone line +30 2102708270, or alternatively through Facebook or email.

Especially for orders placed online, you can see and cancel them in the Order History (if you are a registered user) or through Order Tracking (for all users).

In order to cancel an order, just selected Cancellation. You can only cancel orders with status Order placed.

In order to pay in monthly installments, you must use a credit card issued by a Greek bank. 

Click here to see the credit cards, that support monthly installments online.

Delivery within Greece
Parcels are delivered by courier within Greece within 2 working days.

Delivery outside Greece
Delivery times for shipping outside Greece depend on the country of destination.

You can return your order within 14 days from the delivery date, at your own expense.

Within 14 days from receiving your return we will refund you the amount paid (including, if applicable, the shipment costs), matching the original payment method used. 
The customer is accountable for a reduction of the product’s value due to improper trial. The product must be in its original packaging and in excellent condition. Please note that personal care and hygiene items as well as products subject to intellectual rights, such as CD, DVD etc, are not refundable unless their original safety packaging has been left intact.
Upon returning a product you may choose to replace it with another product. In this you will not get charged shipment costs for the exchange order.

Return instructions

Suggested Return Service

For Greece: If you wish, you can hand in your return at an ACS courier point of service at no charge, and we will withhold the cost of the return (3.90€ up to 2 kilos and an extra 0.60€ for every additional kilo), from the value of your returns.

For Cyprus: If you wish, you can reach ACS Courier at 77 777 227 in order to be informed of the nearest ACS point of service where you can hand in the return package (2€ charge up to 5 kilos) or request for the courier to pick up your package from your residence through the ACS D2D service (3.6€ charge up to 5 kilos)


Packages should be returned to:

D.Solomou 56
14234 Nea Ionia

Please place inside your package the Return Form or a note with the information you provided upon your order (last name, first name, address, phone number, email) and instructions on whether you wish to receive a refund or exchange some or all of the items of your order. For online orders the Return Form can be created online through Order History, by choosing Return.

Please be sure to write your full name and address on the parcel and hold on to your return receipt.

Click here to print out the Statement of Withdrawal.

For products purchased through our physical store, you cannot claim a cash refund but you can ask for a product replacement within the 14-day period, provided that the returned goods are in excellent condition.

If you reside outside Greece, you can still order from our online store. In this case, you must choose courier as a delivery method and payment is possible through credit card or PayPal.

Instruction manuals for our products are available in PDF format and can be found in each product's detailed description page.

To view the file, you will need to have the Acrobat Reader by Adobe installed on your computer. 

Some products can be delivered assembled within Greece.

These products have a specific notation on the full product page and in the cart, along with an indication of the extra cost.

Product assembly is not available for international orders.

All of our products are covered by a guarantee against product malfunction, offering you free repair services by qualified technicians that range, depending on the product, from 6 months to 2 years.

The exact guarantee period of each product appears in the product page.

The Gift Service helps you find the perfect gift for any occasion! In the shopping cart you can arrange for the selected product to be delivered wrapped as a gift and fill in a card with your wishes!

You can even arrange for your gift to be delivered directly to the recipient, and receive the respective receipt by post. In this case you will need to pay through credit card or through paypal.

Your gift-wrapped package will be placed in a carton box for protection during shipment.

While browsing through our products you might come across a product that you are interested in, but do not intend to buy immediately. You can add such products to your wishlist for future reference. If you decide to purchase one of the products in your wishlist, you will simply need to move it to your shopping cart.

Product videos are available through the full product page and through our youtube channel.

The product code appears in the detailed description of each product, under the product name with notation SKU.

All prices listed in our e-shop are in EURO.

If you are an international customer paying by credit card your bank will charge you in your local currency using an exchange rate close to the daily rate. To find the daily exchange rate and calculate the value of your order you can visit