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Telemarketing SA


How an innovative Greek company was born

During the disco years, in New York, a young Greek who loved music, found an advertisement in the newspaper of a mail order company that sold records. Excited by the idea, he subscribed and started to buy a new record every month. Several months passed by, and the collection grew steadily until he decided to return home. The record collection followed him, constantly reminding him of the possibilities each company has to reach customers anywhere in the world, providing products and services, outside a physical store.


Short History

Thus, in 1987 Telemarketing was found, , with an aim to setup new channels of direct communication with the public, and develop a new business model in Greece. Under the name "International Unique Collections", the company begins selling its first products, which are mainly collectibles. At the same time, it develops sales through correspondence and advertisements placed in the mass media, virtually introducing for the first time in Greece distant selling.

In 1991 Telemarketing SA opens electronic sales in Greece with the introduction of teleshopping on the national broadcasting channel, ΑΝΤΕΝΝΑ,  and in 1993 it expands to encompass the remaining national and local broadcasting channels.

In 2000, after a successful trial period, the company creates the first Greek bilingual online store , for selling products within and outside the country, named

In 2007 the company launches a second online store under the name bonprix., representing in Greece the world renown international fashion brand, offers fashion for the whole family and selected household items at very affordable prices and excellent value for money.


Our philosophy

We are constantly seeking innovative, high quality products designed to meet the needs of our customers and offer solutions to everyday problems. Furthermore, we are constantly improving the technological and administrative infrastructure, aiming to consistently offer high quality services to our customers.


We are committed to the quality of our products

All our products fully comply with the Greek and European provisions relating to sale of goods, based on their category (electrical goods, cosmetics, etc.). Moreover, our products are covered by the "Telemarketing Golden Warranty", which provides a warranty of up to 2 years, as well as the right to return products that do not satisfy the customer.

We are always at your disposal

Our call center operates 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to receive orders and from 9.00 to 17.00, Monday to Friday, in order to provide customer service to any matter that concerns you. You can also contact us via email, and we promise to reply to your email on the same day or no later than the next business day.

We are there to offer after-sales service

We have a special Service department responsible for checking and repairing products even after your warranty expires. Additionally, we support our products with replacement parts and supplies for as long as these are available through our supplier, even if we no longer sell the product.