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Pedi Genie + Electric Manicure Set 9.9 EUR
Pedi Genie + Electric Manicure Set
Pedi Genie + Electric Manicure Set
Pedi Genie + Electric Manicure Set

Pedi Genie + Electric Manicure Set


Smooth, beautiful, healthy skin.



Ashamed of your feet? Is the skin dry and callused on your heels, toes and different parts of your feet? Do you ruin tights because your skin is coarse and rough? With Pedi Genie, having soft, smooth, healthy skin is fast and easy.

Pedi Genie is designed to easily eliminate dry, callused skin without harming the healthy skin underneath. Smooth out the hard skin on any part of your foot for feet with smooth, healthy skin in a matter of seconds.

Pedi Genie has about 100 high-performance micro-files that quickly remove hard skin, leaving your skin soft and healthy for weeks. And best of all, the shavings don't create a mess because they stay inside the Pedi Genie so they can be disposed of later.

Forget about spending a fortune on expensive, painful pedicures. Now, with Pedi Genie, you can get professional results at home whenever you want, without creating a mess. And it's so small and light, you can take it with you anywhere.

You'll get for FREE: Electric Manicure Set with 10 accessories: - A soft head to polish nails and give them a healthy shine. Also used to reduce cuticles and stimulate the base of the nail to promote nail growth.
- A conical head to shape corners and eliminate marks. Also used to clean cuticles.
- A barrel head, designed to flatten and smooth out thick, ridged nails.
- A flat head to shape nails and give them a professional finish with smooth, straight edges.
- A diamond head, designed to eliminate dead skin and calluses.
- A diamond-sphere head to clean under the nails.
- A diamond-disc head to clean under the nails.
- A stone head to file your nails to perfection.
- A large diamond head to smooth rough, callused skin.
- A circular brush head to eliminate dust and make it easier to apply oils and creams.

Weight 230 gr
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