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Lytess Active Shaper black 9.9 EUR
Lytess Active Shaper black

Lytess Active Shaper black


Short slimming pants for immediate and long term slimming effects that can be also used as a latex in various sizes.


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A unique combination of technical textile and efficient cosmetics that offer a two stage slimming effect.

Stage 1 - Loose inches immediately.
With its hi-tech microfiber and seamless construction, the Active Shaper stay hidden under your clothes. With 5 targeted areas it gives you maximum support and comfort.
Instant correction able to reduce up to 10.3 cm around the waist and 4.5 cm around the hips.

Stage 2 - Long term slimming, moisturizing and firming results in 21 days.
Controlled release of Caffeine and Shea Butter held within microcapsules and embedded in the fiber are proven to have a slimming effect within 21 days.
A maximum loss of 3.7 cm around the waist and 2.5 cm around the hips after 8 hours a day, 6 days a week, for a 21-day period.

Weight 190 gr
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