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Just kidding VHS set of 2 pcs 7.9 EUR
Just kidding VHS set of 2 pcs

Just kidding VHS set of 2 pcs


The best of Just Kidding.



35 more of the most hysterical gags and practical jokes ever caught on video!

These brilliantly staged stunts capture the candid and reveal that truth is funnier than fiction. Watch as ordinary people get caught in 35 of the most bizarre and unsuspected pranks. They are guaranteed to keep you laughing for days.

Stand back! Look out! You, too, might be caught when you least expect it.

As a number one international hit, this video is uncensored, uncut and downright hilarious!
You won't believe your eyes. Its no joke - Its Just Kidding

Set include : 2 pcs VHS 45' each

Weight 430 gr