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Annunciation of the Revolution 1821-2021 46x49 cm 299 EUR
Annunciation of the Revolution 1821-2021 46x49 cm

Annunciation of the Revolution 1821-2021 46x49 cm

SKU: ΕΙ1821

Anniversary reproduction for the 200 years since the Greek Revolution with certificate of authenticity.



The painting is a reproduction of the work created by painter and hagiographer Stella Karageorgiou, exclusively on behalf of the International Unique Collections, for the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution, using traditional methods of Byzantine hagiography and folk art.

March 25, when the Annunciation is celebrated, was set as the day of the beginning of the Greek Revolution against the Turkish occupation, by the leader of Filiki Etairia Alexandros Ypsilantis, "as annunciating the political redemption of the Greek nation".

For the people, however, it was also a sign of encouragement, that the struggle would be under the blessing of the Virgin Mary who was established in the consciousness of the Greeks as the protector of the Nation.

The representation of the Annunciation in the center shows the archangel Gabriel on the left, who announces the joyful news of the impending birth of Christ, and on the right the Virgin Mary, who is depicted standing, in a humble manner.

The Annunciation scene is surrounded by 12 representatives of the Greek revolution, military officials, intellectuals and the founders of Filiki Etairia, who stand modestly in front of the divine presence, but, at the same time, express strength and inner ethos.

The representatives depicted are:

(left) Theodoros Kolokotronis, Nikolaos Skoufas, Emmanouil Xanthos, Athanasios Tsakalov, Laskarina Bouboulina, Athanasios Diakos

(right) Dionysios Solomos, Rigas Feraios, Odysseas Androutsos, Konstantinos Kanaris, Manto Mavrogenous, Georgios Karaiskakis (flag bearer)

Top left depicts Paleon Patron Germanos, who according to the widespread narration of events, on March 25, 1821 raised the flag of the revolution and proclaimed the beginning of the Greek Revolution in the monastery of Agia Lavra, a gathering place for priests, chiefs and clergy during this period.

Top right depicts the Battle of Navarino. October 20, 1827, was one of the final acts for the settlement of the "Greek issue", which had been in progress since 1821, with the complete destruction of the Turkish-Egyptian fleet by naval squadrons of Britain, Russia and France. The Battle of Navarino paved the way for forcing the Ottoman Empire to accept the creation of the Greek state - thus being the victorious epilogue of the Greek Revolution and the rise of modern Greek history.

The International Unique Collections reproduced this unique painting with the faith and respect that befits the original.

The painting is made with genuine silk screen printing colors, which remain unchanged over time and local gilding with bronze foil. Its frame is made of wood. The painting is covered with glass for its protection and has a metal plate with an engraved title:

25η Μαρτίου 1821 - 2021
200 Χρόνια από την Ελληνική Επανάσταση

Dimensions including the 5,5 cm frame: 46 x 49 cm.

The painting will be released in a limited number of 1821 reproductions and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Weight 1 kg
Width 49 cm
Height 46 cm

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