Delicious and healthy tsoureki!

files/1/tsoureki (1).PNGToday is the day we dye the eggs and make tsoureki! The beautiful smell is going to make us faint… but we do have an alternative, easy and delicious recipe. 

Usually most of us are afraid of making tsoureki due to the fact that we use yeast, we need to knead and many more.

It is about time we break down the myth.

Fear not women, because our tsoureki is the easiest one

All we need is a good mixer with a bucket and dough hooks. 

Let’s take a look at our ingredients:
1 kg flour
6 eggs
2 sachets machlepi
700 gr honey
600 hr whole milk
2 oranges
100 gr fresh yeast
200 gr olive oil

And we shall proceed.
Initially, we dissolve the yeast into the warm milk.
And then we add all the ingredients into the bucket, we place the knead hook and begin the mixer at the first speed for 15 minutes.
We now have time to rest.
When the dough has become a mass and it doesn’t stick on our bucket, we stop the mixer and remove our dough. 
We separate it into balls, three a set and knead into a thread.
Coat our tsoureki dough with a beaten raw egg and bake for 50 minutes at 170 degrees Celsius.
This smell… our whole neighbourhood is able to smell it! 
Patience till Saturday night.
Happy Easter to all!