Freeze! Put the dumbbells down... slowly


Wouldn't it be nice if we could do crunches and exercise without making the slightest movement? This way, enjoying a movie or our favourite book from our couch would exercise our body as well! Yet, this is not an illusion! 

The Gymform Abs Around
belt retracts muscles so fast, like doing at the same time 400  abs, 400 crunches and 400 dorsal abs per minute!

It has a 360 degree muscle stimulation technology, using EMS technology and exercises at the same time your upper and lower abs, your back, even the muscles that support your spine.

- It has 6 programs: from short and sharp retractions to deep and intense ones.
- 3 channels, for abs, back and obliques, and 99 resistance levels for each channel.
Overall, 594 settings in order to perfectly cover your individual needs.

With just 10' use per day you are fully covered. Work out at home, at your leisure, while obtaining the perfect results for your body's health. It's time to put the dumbbells away and let yourself be spoiled by the ease of passive exercising!