Put a spell...on your car!

files/1/Blog/TmStore_Blogshop-Magic_Fix_Car_Repair.jpgWouldn't it be great to have a magical way to avoid frequent visits to the car repair shop, to maintain the outside of our car always like new, and at the same time avoid all the unnecessary and high costs? Well, scouting out there for a solution, we found a magical product which is also highly recommended by many distinguished experts. So, this new revelation answers to the name Magic Fix, and its name is self-explanatory as you can tell! It is a revolutionary new and patented product, made in Greece, which efficiently...covers the need for color and exterior car repairs.

Initially, the reason which led to its creation was the fact that 80% of the car colors available in the automotive market are either metallic or pearl, something which translates to the inability for someone to repair any damages by just using a "brush". By disregarding even a minor scratch, and thus not doing anything to fix it, can result to the plastic parts peeling off and the metal parts rusting, every time you wash the car with high pressure.

Usually, if we ask from the repair shop the original color code for our car, we will observe that when applying it to cover the point of damage, the color's hue changes. This simply happens because the metal and pearl elements of the new paint are "heavier" than those of the car's used color, and therefore need a special technique to mend on the point of damage, which results in an increase of cost.

And due to the high cost, we automatically avoid fixing the minor scratches, something that ends up causing significant damages to our car's exterior, either because of the peeling effect or the rust. The Magic Fix perfectly matches the colors and shadings of your car, easily, fast and with minimal costs. It contains the exact color code, on an adhesive thermo-sensitive film, with all the metal, pearl, and varnish elements specified by the car's manufacture.

One of the great advantages an adhesive thermo-sensitive film has, is that it effectively and evenly mends on the points of damage, even those located on curves, hence immediately and easily covering the damage. It can also be proactively used to protect and prevent any damages from happening on the car's bumpers, doors, and exterior mirrors. Furthermore, it stops the paint from peeling off, protects against rust, endures the washing with high pressure and the extreme cold or hot temperatures, and has no problem with polishing creams. Its glue is proven to last for 8 years, and the best thing is that its installation is a piece-of-cake and can be used by anyone without any specialized knowledge.

So, during these times of economic crisis, a Greek patented product “pops out the magic hat” and makes all our car's scratches and damages disappear, fast and economically, before they cost us double later on. And thus, we Magic Fixed that problem!