Tasty sfougato!

files/1/sfougato.pngHow can we make delicious and simple sfougato? We can with pans Biolux as we are about to enjoy its procedure as much as its taste.

Let’s prepare our feast.

We place our pans on our stoves and set our ingredients on the table.

(for 3 people)
1 kg potatoes
6 eggs
4-5 asparagus
60 gr syglino smoked
Salt and pepper

We fry our potatoes in one pan. 

We cut the asparagus in pieces and sauté them along with the syglino in another pan. We noticed, however, that we haven’t added any oil. Of course not! We don’t need to add extra oils since our pan is super anti-stick.

Meanwhile, we beat the eggs in a bowl and leave them aside.

We pour the oil from the potatoes although, usually, we remove the potatoes. Here is the magic of our pans. We simply keep the lid closed leaving a small chink in order to pour the oil. And that’s all!

Almost through… We add the sygllino and the asparagus into the potatoes, spice up with salt and pepper and finally, into this mixture, we add the beaten eggs leaving them for two minutes to cook.

Serve and enjoy a traditional meal full of flavor!
And the best part is that we don’t have to spend hours cleaning and washing the pans. 

Let’s dig in!