Home renovation

files/1/A4F65C53C58E5763A006D142710B8E70.jpgFall is the right season to renovate our house. Neither craftsmen nor expenses, we can do everything by ourselves.

Our rooms to renovate are: bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, leaving room.

Bathroom goes first.
We need to freshen up the grouts. How? By marking them with our Tile Grout marker. Now they look as good as new. Also, for any minor repairs, we can as well use our universal wrenches and the t-driver multi screw-driver. Meaning, all the job that a plumber would have done, is the job that we do.

Now into our kitchen. Since this room has tubes, grouts and faucets we shall use the equipment we used in the bathroom. But we also add here the Total Restoration set. It will help us cover the scratches that our counter acquired during our attempt to pretend we are chefs. It will disappear all the sctratches.

What about the leaving room? We have lots to do here. Walls, furniture… heavy duties! We resist and we don’t hire staff; but we do wear our uniform, put on some music and begin. Let’s start from a general repair. Our TV furniture, our table, and if we have a whatnot. Once again with our total restoration we are covered. Depending on the surface we are about to work on, we choose the corresponding marker. And that’s all! And we continue, with the miraculous Renovator.  The truth is that this tool is more of a specialized tool. It is better for people who take up with these jobs.
Aren’t we painting our walls? Of course! Paint Zoom makes the procedure a piece of cake. We simply pull the trigger and spray our walls. No rolls, no paintbrushes, no nothing. So fast, so easy and so cleanly!

As for our bedrooms… the same with the leaving room.

Most of us will probably think that all of the above took us time. Well we couldn’t be more wrong. In just one day if we have help, or two days if we are alone and we don’t rush.

Cheers to us our relaxing beer!