Keep Walking... with comfort!

Once, in ancient times, when there were no fast and mass means of transport, people used to walk from A to B. Or they would run. And because there were no specialized companies and innovative business opportunities (so it's that long ago!), people used to walk either barefoot or with "chumps" as shoes. In some cases walking barefoot might have been - and is - enjoyable, like walking on sand, but the invention of shoes has truly helped a lot! 

Shoes nowadays, are becoming more and more tenacious, warmer, more elegant, more artistic, more "personal", since we can print on them even our faces! The most important thing, though, is that they should do the job they were bought for, and, of course, keep them as long as possible. And since it's difficult to compare all the millions of shoes in the market, we decided to shed some light on smart and innovative propositions, which could be described as the evolution of the history of shoes. 

The "Darwin of shoes" would surely give the first prize to Walkmaxx shoes... These shoes cover each need, as they are available in all styles: in outdoor boots and trekking shoes, in sandals and trendy Swarovski flip-flops for the summer, in warm boots and rubber boots for the winter, and in sports' shoes for women and men, as well as in slippers and clogs!

That's what I call a large range! The reason why they are special is that, while you walk, you exercise and get slimmer. You see, they have a sole which "mimics" the natural sensation of walking barefoot on soft sand. This way, the muscles of your hips and thighs work even more. And all this innovative evolution for an everyday habit is supported by studies by the Institute of Biomechanics and Orthopaedics at the University of Cologne

And, because the evolution of walking is running, there are also running shoes in a lovely combination of white-fluo green and in black. Wear Walkmaxx Running shoes even if you don't go running after work. They surely will make your day!

Cars, motorcycles, buses, airplanes, boats and trains are good for going from A to B, but, when we get there and must walk or even run, it would be best to do it comfortably, and economically!