Let’s groom up…

files/1/donna-0193.jpgSun, heat, sea, styling products… our skin and our hair suffered a lot. It’s about time we put an end and take care of ourselves. 

Let’s begin from our face. 
We want to regain our lost glow. How? By using moisturizing crèmes and regenerative crèmes. For hydration and anti-wrinkle effects, Day and Night Cream and Aloe Easy Cream are ideal for our goal. They both contain aloe vera which is well known for its beneficial properties. After each use, our skin is velvety soft, it shines and it is hydrated, while we feel we just had a lifting.  

For the best possible regereration and cell reconstruction, we either choose Rejenstar or Celltone. The first one contains starfish extract and the second one contains snail slime extract. Starfishes and snails have the incredible capability to reconstruct themselves. Imagine the miracles they can do on our skin! They repair spots and blemishes as they also increase our skins’ natural production of collagen while leaving it rejuvenated and restored. 

What about our eyes? The most difficult area of our face and the most important as it is our “mirror”. LIZZ cream is a 2 minute eye lift! It works instantly for all skin types and it erases wrinkles, smoothens creases, lifts and firms the delicate area around your eyes. The results last for 8 hours. 

Not bad! 

We have completed our facial cure and we shall proceed to our hair. Dermamed
 line with Revinogen and Toppik products are the ideal solution. Our damaged and weakened hair gets healthier, hair loss decreases, and depending on our hair type, we cover our needs. 

Let’s visualize ourselves after this full renewal… perfect!

Happy autumn!