Our dream body


After summer we always make the same promise. We’ll lose weight, get some exercise and stop the bad habits. And we never keep it. It’s about time we kept it! 

This time we’ll do it and we are going to succeed. No need to neither struggle and hit the gym everyday nor make crush diets. It may sound a cliché but it is true. As long as we have the right equipment and the mood to do it. 

The triptych of success is simple and it goes like this: exercise, body creams and cooking. Cooking? Of course! We don’t mean that we are about to transform our house into a gym spending a fortune on equipment and then spend the rest of the day in the kitchen… cooking. No way! Having the opportunity to choose the exercise equipment we like and fits us the best is a luxury. 

Thus we begin from our diet issue. If we really want it we can make it happen. With a simple grill or a steam cooker, we literally throw our food into it after we have spiced it up and let it do the rest. Attention! Preferably we don’t add ANY salt… maybe some lemon if like it. Craving for some veggies? Throw them in as well. Or we can have them raw. And for our snack we choose homemade, fresh juices made in our juicer

And now, our gym class. We choose the equipment that meats our needs. We can focus on our abdomen, our legs or on the entire body, as we can also choose if we prefer aerobics or static exercise. With just a few minutes per day, we are proud of the results. 

And finally, the miraculous body creams. Miraculous, only if we combine them with the aforementioned. Slimming creams, sculpting creams and anticellulite creams refine the results and add the final touch. 

And here are some tips that are, in fact, well known. We reduce the alcohol consumption, we limit carbs and sugar and we increase the water and fresh juice consumption.
Once we notice the difference in our body we shall definitely keep up the good work.