Telemarketing S.A. has been next to you for so many years! We have reached the point to understand you and understand your needs by offering you the smartest products, the best solutions and economic prices. Now, we change our looks and add to our variety household products that you can easily order by simply visiting our site and pressing the Click button.

From our collection, we selected some and we recommend them to you. They belong to the brand PRIMO, however, we have many more products equally notable that belong to other brands.

Let’s begin from COFFEE, just like the way our day begins! For those who love filter coffee, coffeemaker PRIMO YD-CM-608 is special due to its unique design and not only. With major capacity 1.7 litres, namely 12 cups, and a permanent filter, coffee steps into another dimension. For the Greek coffee devotees who can’t afford the time to make their favourite delight, PRIMO Electric Pot will become your best friend! It prepares up to 270ml of coffee within just 2 minutes without using a hob or gas. And for those who prefer a hot cup of instant coffee, PRIMO Kettle HHB 1018 has a washable filter and LED operation indicator and boils up to 1.7lt of water for a lot of cups.

In addition, we continue with our breakfast. The most important meal of the day! It smells like jam and toasted bread! The modern Electric toaster PRIMO YK-T002 toasts your bread in no time and it makes it more delicious than ever since it has 3 function choices.

And for the evening, it’s time for cooking! Anything you wish to cook, pasta, burgers, stews, French fries and more, try using electric oven PRIMO GL35 CT3 it has 3 hobs and functions either as a classic oven or with air. It also includes a pan for you to enjoy home made delicacies! 

Let’s move to the dessert. A simple cake is the best choice for a light and delicious dessert. Primo mixer SM-159 guarantees you the best results as it has a bucket with 5lt capacity, 3 different stirrers for you to choose between puddings, cakes or dough and power level 1000W. Spend a creative afternoon in your home!

Finally, it’s evening…we suggest that you invite some friends to hang out and treat them a nice dinner without extra costs because we all love barbeques! Electric barbeque YD-304-1, with almost half a meter length for bigger quantities, has a liquid collection disc for a healthier result without fat. Don’t’ forget to combine your menu and surprise your friends with a frozen margarita! Prepare it in the PRIMO Blender BLO-556 which crushes ice and has a maximum capacity 1.7lt. A perfect way to end your day beautifully!