Healthy, yet tasty cooking!

files/1/Blog/TmStore_Blogshop-Healthy_Cooking.jpgIs it true what they say about ceramic pans, that they are superior to others? They must be! Since they can cook more healthily with less butter or oil - limiting fried foods - they are scratch proof, and easy to clean, because they repel fats, are suitable for all stoves and cook even when they are not on the hotplate. There are many reasons for their superiority, but let's see our solutions below!

Many content friends have suggested the Biolux Kerama series, with their particular colour, with ceramic pots with or without glass lid, from 20 cm to 28cm in diameter. Other impressive ceramic pans, is the square Biolux pan for perfect homemade pies, the Biolux fish pan, and the modern Biolux roaster for the lovely Sunday cooking in the oven...  

And if you prefer hot red, we suggest the
Ceramicore ceramic set, with non-stick pans, even temperature distribution thanks to its special cellular bottom, so as to keep all the taste of your favorite foods. Isn't this the point anyway? Tasty food, and, most of all, healthy! But if you don't like intense colors or they are not fitting for your kitchen, there is the Bonacera series with 8 different cookware and a super handle which is integrated on every vessel, turning it into a pan to be used on the stove or in the oven.

Since we are what we eat, if we eat healthily, we will be healthy!