Holiday home!

files/1/6.jpgAt last! December is here! Have you decorated yet? We have and we can’t wait to share with you are ideas.
Our house dresses up and becomes festive! 

Because decorating the tree is not enough…

Wreaths, candles, music and even napkins are able to make the difference.

There is no need to hang the wreath on the door. We may as well place a candle wreath on a table. Not real candles… but that’s the best part! The candles seem real as they create a very cozy, Christmas atmosphere while they never get burnt. Its colorful details add some extra touch to our home.

If we are not so into wreaths, there are also, aromatic candles in beautiful, warm shades. The scents travel in the room and their colours complete the picture.

For internal and external, building and wall lighting, we don’t need to use ladders and stuff in order to illuminate our house. Night Stars laser light, brings the magic of stars in our house with a simple projector. The projector can be places anywhere as it illuminates our wall with red, green or bicolor lighting.
Everyone will be surprised with the spectacle!

And what about our table? Are we going to leave it as it is? Of course not! We shall decorate it as well as the rest of the house. 
Poinsettia is exactly what we need! Is has all the necessary for our table decoration. And if we don’t wish to use all those accessories on the table, there is no problem. The rest of our house will “absorb” it.

Not to leave our tree disappointed. There is something simple but miraculous! Cordless Christmas tree candle set and Christ deco. The first one illuminates our tree with the most beautiful way and the second one, adds the perfect colour to it. And that’s sufficient for our ideal tree!

And we are on for our Christmas delicacies…it’s begin to look a lot like Christmas!